20 Apr 2018   |   By : Eugene Ko

How Scoliosis Occurs

How Scoliosis Occurs



What are the causes of scoliosis?

This is a question that are on the minds of many people, especially parents and it is question that deserves a good answer. 

Currently, there is no one clear identified cause of scoliosis but it appears to be hereditary and runs in families (Mayo Clinic, 2018). How Scoliosis occur can be caused by congenital (present from birth) problems such as incomplete formation of the spine or the spine failing to separate completely (OrthoInfo, 2010). Scoliosis can cause too by neuromuscular conditions such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy (Mayo Clinic, 2018) and other genetic conditions (WebMd, 2018). Lastly scoliosis can also be caused by injuries or infections to the spine (Mayo Clinic, 2018). 


How can I Reduce My Scoliosis Risk?

As we saw the causes earlier, most of the risk factors of scoliosis are age, sex and family history. Scoliosis can be appear during growth spurts (Mayo Clinic, 2018) but can also in the later years in the form of degenerative scoliosis (WebMd, 2018). Scoliosis tends to appear more in girls (Mayo Clinic, 2018) and as mentioned earlier shows a trend of being hereditary (Mayo Clinic, 2018).


What Can I do About It? 

If you are concerned about whether you might have scoliosis or not or are worried that you are at risk of developing scoliosis, you should consult a doctor. At Allwell Scoliosis Centre we provide care that is customized to your needs and if you are looking for advice regarding scoliosis, give us a call and we will be more than willing to help.


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Written by Eugene Ko for All Well Scoliosis Centre