Exercise Flexibility Problem

Exercise Flexibility Problem happens to everyone and if not treated may cause other problems to the body. Prevention is the key to be able to maintain flexibility and mobility in our body. For many athletes, amateur, maintaining spine flexibility is the key to prevent injury during exercises.


Although we have good flexibility, overuse of our muscles will lead to reduction of our flexibility. Once our flexibility has reduced, we will compensate our posture that eventually it will lead to discomfort, compensation of our movements and injury. Loss of flexibility also will create building up of scar tissues and scar tissues will be likely to cause reduce flexibility and over time will lead to bone degeneration.


At All Well Scoliosis Centre, we are here to help improving your spine flexibility and mobility and hence avoid exercise flexibility problem; we are going to address how to correct and improve joint mobility and possibly improve strength, whether you are beginners, amateurs, or athletes.


Beginners will understand how to stretch and improve flexibility, and at the same time understand how to engage core muscles not only during exercise but also during daily activities.


Amateurs will understand how to protect their posture while doing exercises, how to improve ones mobility and also able to modify daily activities to keep engaging core muscles at work, leisure, even exercises.


Athletes will be able to improve their strength and improve their mobility by maintaining spine flexibility through our treatments.