Shoulder Pain and Elbow Pain

Shoulder pain and elbow pain can be caused by many things and has many types. Tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulders, bursitis, tendinitis, ligaments issues, broken bones are few conditions that affecting shoulder and elbow.


Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow usually are pain around the elbow that causing discomfort when we are doing certain movements and activities. Some of the discomfort can also radiate to the forearm and causing tightness and soreness.


The term tennis elbow is because there are inflammation either on the muscles and tendons due to overuse injury and prolong posture problems that cause reductions of joint flexibility and mobility. Physical injury that did not get proper rehabilitation will also create joint problems and eventually becoming symptomatic.


At All Well Scoliosis Centre, we will not only address the symptoms, but we will also correct the source of the symptoms. Shoulder pain and elbow pain are usually related to rounding of the upper back, forward head posture, head tilt, head rotation, which are some of the posture problems.

To correct and relief shoulder pain and elbow pain, we cannot just treat the shoulders and elbows only, but we need to address the whole physical functions, movements, and joint systems of the whole musculoskeletal systems. Shoulder and elbow problems are automatically connected to our spine for one reason, which is movements.


Through detail posture check, examination, muscle testing, and possibly X-rays if needed, the treatment will result in improvements. A permanent improvement will take a period of time depending on the chronicity of the condition.


All Well Scoliosis Centre also will address habit that need to change that might cause discomfort during sleeping, changing the way we hold our phone, proper carry bags, proper exercise, stretching the important muscles around shoulders, neck, core muscles and conditioning prior to sports, carry your baby to prevent injuries.