C.J Yun

When I first found out I had scoliosis, my curve has already at 24 degrees and I was suggested by specialist to wear a brace. After 6 months of wearing it, my curve worsened to 49 degrees. Then we discovered AllWell online and decided to go for consultation. During the first consultation, Doc Albert explained in detail about what is scoliosis, the treatment process and how it would help, which persuaded by my parents to give it a try. At first, I was sceptical if it will help me to improve as I felt quite sore for the first few days. However, day by day, it becomes easier. The staffs at the clinic are very helpful and friendly. Doc Albert would advice me on the things that I can do daily to help improve it as well as the small details that I would not have notice like the standing and sitting posture, the way I hold my phone or even my sleeping posture. The main thing that helps me is the balancing. I had to wear a device that holds a weight which help me to improve my posture and the degree of my curve. After 13 days of intensive treatment, I retook my x-ray and my curve reduced from 49 degrees to 33 degrees, which to me is a huge improvement. Thank you so much AllWell team!


"When I first came to AllWell, my scolisis was 50° on the bottom and 35° on the top, but after treatment it went down to 35° on the bottom and 30° on the top. Now I feel good thanks to AllWell team'.


"After treatment, we realised two things, one Joel's sleeping position improved and two he began to fall sick less often. We are thankful that we see changes in Joel after regular adjustments!"


"I had L4 and L5 disc compression but after 5-6 months of treatment, I am feeling better. I am lifting and carrying weights again and I am back on my workout programme" - Caster