The treatments here consist of active and passive movement, using different machines such as the scoliosis chair, core exercise, balancing, etc. With these treatments I’m not only able to reduce my scoliosis condition from 51 to 34 degrees and 35 to 13 degrees but now I understand my posture, so the reduction is permanent. Thank you for Dr Albert and Allwell Scoliosis Centre - Dea


"I used to have scoliosis curvature of 24 degrees. I have undergone 7 days treatment. On the last day, I learned that my curvature has reduced to 9 degrees.'' - Alona


''When i started at 28 degrees, after 12 days of intensive treatment, i ended up with 8 degrees'' - Zoey


"I used to have scoliosis curvature of 61 degrees. After 14 days of treatment, my scoliosis curvature reduced to 41 degrees'' - Casey