Ms. Fadlon

I came across CLEAR Scoliosis Institute while searching via Internet on alternative scoliosis treatment aside brace or surgery. I had scoliosis since teenager but did not go for further treatment as most consultations were basically observations. But back pain started to increase in intensity on certain moves, when carrying heavy stuffs or when Im involved in some sport activities ( which demotivated me from exercising regularly which I used to do). I would just relieve the soreness or back pain by traditional massages. But the relieved was most of the time temporary. It began to raise a concern when I’ve to take painkillers tablets/patch to reduce the pain. Suspected that the curvature may have worsen that I decided to seek for treatment but non-surgical.

I was amazed and appealed by the short duration of treatment (IC-14 days) with positive results. Initially I was sceptical of the treatment but after my first consultation pre-treatment it changed to a positive one, as Dr. Albert was very optimistic of the result that I may attain if I follow through the treatment plan. Dr. Albert discussed and addressed all issues and concerns including my objectives in seeking treatment. He explained in concise and comprehensive manner relating my condition to the symptoms that I had (Which made so much sense!).

Though treatment were rather compact and comprehensive, it were painless throughout. Dr. Albert and team will be most of the time on the floor to observe and guide the patients during sessions. He had an excellent and friendly team that work with him whom will motivate and encourage all the patients. He provided an individualistic and holistic approach especially on dietary advise, demonstrating the right way of posture and proper ways of safe exercise technique according to individual’s spine condition.

After 1st session, soreness and tensed around my neck area was relieved! My scoliosis reduced from 39 degree to 29 degree at the end of 14th days treatments. Main issue that was pain that I used to have been also resolved. Knowing specific proper ergonomics and exercise were my other main objectives that were accomplished. With more and continuous effort at home-exercise and continuing the maintenance programme, I hope to be able to reduce and prevent it from further worsening. And I’m glad that I’m not restricted to certain activities but instead is knowing the do’s and dont’s