My curves was 19 degrees. After 12 days of intensive treatment, My curves reduce by 16 degrees..........

C.J Yun

When I first found out I had scoliosis, my curve has already at 24 degrees and I was suggested by specialist to wear a brace. After 6 months of wearing it, my curve worsened to 49 degrees. Then we discovered Dr. Albert online and decided to go for consultation. During the first consultation, Dr. Albert explained in detail about what is scoliosis, the treatment process and how it would help, which persuaded by my parents to give it a try. At first, I was sceptical if it will help me to improve as I felt quite sore for the first few days. However, day by day, it becomes easier. The staffs at the clinic are very helpful and friendly. Dr. Albert would advice me on the things that I can do daily to help improve it as well as the small details that I would not have notice like the standing and sitting posture, the way I hold my phone or even my sleeping posture. The main thing that helps me is the balancing. I had to wear a device that holds a weight which help me to improve my posture and the degree of my curve. After 13 days of intensive treatment, I retook my x-ray and my curve reduced from 49 degrees to 33 degrees, which to me is a huge improvement. Thank you so much Dr Albert and Mas.


I cant begin to start talking about my amazing experience with Dr. Albert. If you’re looking to meet genuine, professional, friendly, encouraging, inspirational people who only want the best for you and want to help your health dramatically increased in wellness, then Dr. Albert is the person you should go. My experience with Dr. Albert has been wonderful and educational. As I came to each visit for my treatments, I was able to learn more about human anatomy and how important on building your strength on your spine and core muscles. The environment also felt warm, safe, clean and welcoming. After only 1 adjustment, he was able to made my body at ease. I came in with sport injury, inflamed back pains, throughout my treatment I was able to receive more energy and strength throughout my day.

The process of going to see a chiropractor can be intimidating, but Dr. Albert present made everything seems refreshing. Dr. Albert is very knowledgeable and passionate about health. I would highly recommend Dr. Albert to anyone that looking to improved good healthy lifestyle.


When I found my body in tremendous pain, I could feel a shooting pain run up and down my leg. The pain persisted to come and painkiller I took for couple weeks did not do anything to my body anymore. I waited and waited to see the doctor at Spine Center hospital but to no available doctor able to help to reduced my pain. When finally after 2 weeks of constantly taking high-dosed of pain-killer, they advised me for surgery immediately. It was by luck of fate that brought me to Dr. Albert. My brother has been seeing Dr. Albert when he injured his shoulder from lifting weight. 

After getting my X-rays done, Dr. Albert explained in details to me what was wrong with my body. What seemed to be amusing was every points that he spotted out in the x-ray happened to be the areas that my body was hurting. After giving me recommendation for coming in 3 times a week and giving me home exercise daily, he promised me that after 3 weeks treatments my pain would be gone. It’s now been about a week and I have to say that the pain is 75% done. I’m truly amazed and I’m so grateful and thankful that I got to be treated by Dr. Albert.