What is Posture?

What is posture?Posture refers to the alignment of the body while we are doing our daily activities such as standing, sitting, lying down or

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What is a slipped disc?

What is a slipped disc and how does it occur?Our spine is made up of a series of bones known as vertebrae. In between each vertebrae bone is

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Chiropractic For Children

Understanding Chiropractic For ChildrenMany questions arise revolving chiropractic for children. What is it for, is it safe, etc. In this ar

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Scoliosis Surgery

Scoliosis Surgery BackgroundScoliosis has been discovered since Hippocrates (460BC - 370BC) and treatment for scoliosis has been developed a

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Scoliosis Treatment

There are misconception that the only scoliosis treatment available is through surgical means. In this article we will help you understand w

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