The explanation of MIX-FIX-SET

Understanding about chiropractic adjustmentsMuch like how a dentist addresses issues with your teeth and bite, or how an ophthalmologist foc

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Scoliosis Traction Chair

What is a Scoliosis Traction Chair?A Scoliosis Traction Chair (STC) is a corrective instrument used to address adolescent idiopathic scolio

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Chiropractic and Immunity

An overview of the immune systemThe immune system is the body’s defence mechanism that works diligently in the background to prevent the i

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What is Posture?

What is posture?Posture refers to the alignment of the body while we are doing our daily activities such as standing, sitting, lying down or

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What is a slipped disc?

What is a slipped disc and how does it occur?Our spine is made up of a series of bones known as vertebrae. In between each vertebrae bone is

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